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What we offer

We offer services to marginalized communities

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Dominicana - Haití- 2012

Services to marginalized communities in the Dominican Republic and Haiti in 2012.

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Services to marginalized communities in Peru 2013.

Sadorha Licey Antoine, Haiti-1 (T)


Services to marginalized communities in Haiti in 2012

Our Story

What we do & how we started

Non-profit organization known as A.M.A.R., whose mission was as noble as it was inspiring: to offer medical, dental, and general healthcare services completely free of charge and voluntarily to indigent medical patients and the most underserved communities in Latin America and the Caribbean, including the Puerto Rican Archipelago. Its name, “Association of Doctors to the Rescue,” reflected the determination of its founders to reach wherever it was needed, no matter how remote or marginalized the place.

The story of A.M.A.R. began in 1992 when two brave doctors, Dr. John Jimenez and Dr. Juan Panelli, joined the AMI organization to embark on their first missionary journey to the Amazon. This initial experience was an awakening of consciousness for them, as they encountered entire communities lacking access to basic medical care. Their commitment to helping those in greatest need became a calling they could not ignore.

From 1992 to 2001, they conducted several medical missions in the Amazon, specifically in the southern region of Venezuela, near the border with Brazil, along the majestic Orinoco River, near the Pádamo. One of the places they reached was called Coshchilowatelli, which meant “Place of Honey.” In this place, where nature was abundant but resources were scarce, A.M.A.R. made its first significant difference.

Over time, more doctors joined the group, each motivated by the desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those who had the least. Drs. Fernando Rivera, Felix Jimenez, Jesús M. Alvelo, and Janet Rodriguez, RN, PhD., joined the cause. Experiences were shared in hospitals, and HHM pediatrics courses were offered to prepare volunteers to face the challenges they would encounter in the field.

The news spread quickly, and more and more healthcare professionals joined A.M.A.R.: Dr. Carmen González, Dr. Magaly Garib, Dr. Maria Carrascal, Dr. Lucy Nieves, Dr. Josean Alvarez, Brenda Cintron, RN, Mirtelina Torres, RN, Rosa Ruiz, RN; medical and dental students, volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. Each had a personal reason for joining, but they all shared a common purpose: to provide quality medical care to those who needed it most.

Over the years, A.M.A.R. became a beacon of hope for marginalized and disadvantaged communities. They reached remote places, the streets where homeless people lived, valleys, rivers, mountains, and the sea. Guided by their faith and the desire to help the most in need, they continued their tireless work.

The organization grew and strengthened, and their commitment to the cause never wavered. A.M.A.R. showed that love and dedication can make a difference in people’s lives, and its legacy endured long beyond its founding. The story of A.M.A.R. became a reminder that, with determination and compassion, adversity can be overcome, and hope can be brought to those who need it most.


Services to the most distant, isolated, remote, marginalized and needy communities throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

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General health services.

General health services.
We have professional staff such as doctors, medical specialists, nurses, social workers, dentists, social workers and other specialties that offer their volunteer work.

Social Work

Social workers visit families

Social workers visit families
In each of the missions, the team of social workers assist people and visit referred families.

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Dental services for children and adults

In the different missions we carry out, we are accompanied by dentists to take care of people’s oral health.

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