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Alianza de médicos al rescate

Our mission is to bring medical, dental and general health services completely free of charge and on a voluntary basis to indigent medical patients and the most needy communities in Latin America and the Caribbean, including the Puerto Rican Archipelago.

Our goal

We provide independent living

To impact as many isolated, indigent and marginalized communities as possible with the help of our volunteers and donors and to offer quality medical services and excellence in the different health specialties according to the immediate needs of the areas we impact.
We are also focused on forming alliances for the health of those in need in the walk and service.

More Info

"Serving the most needy with love and kindness"

Community Benefits

We offer health services to the community


We provide attention to the health needs of children and adults in marginalized communities.

Social work

Our volunteer social workers and psychologists work with counseling and health counseling and emotional situations.


In all our missions we are accompanied by dentists who work with the oral health of children and adults.


Taking care of children's health is one of our priorities. An excellent team of pediatricians attend hundreds of children in each mission we carry out.


Specialized nurses work in the tents and visit distant homes to assist the elderly.


Our logistics team prepares the area where the services are to be offered so that the other team members and the people in the community receive the services promptly.

Volunteer Service

Serving with love and solarity to the most needy.

“The commitment to work for others in volunteer service is a gift we give to our community, an expression of solidarity that lights the way to a better world.”